What should I do with all these Wildflowers?

My youngest son Ben is the family botanist. Since he was little he has always kept me gifted with ditch flower bouquets. He is the best to go on a hike with because he is always tempting you with a taste of some root or weed. Sometimes it comes with a caveat like, "doesn't it make you dizzy when you touch it to your tongue?" or "I'm 98% sure these mushrooms are edible."

This is Ben...

Ben has always been a thoughtful gift-giver and he knows what I like! Last Christmas he stuffed my stocking with a hefty package of local wildflower seeds. 

I had a few dormant months to decide where to sow these seeds. Plan A was to convert part of my lawn to prairie lands. My family talked me down from that and we settled on giving the seeds a try in a few of our raised garden beds. my husband Joey wan't completely on board with giving up his vegetable real estate until these beauties exploded in gorgeous wavy thickets of flowers! I've had mixed results with wildflowers. Past strategies of "scatter and let nature take its course" were never very fruitful so I thought I would give them a try with good soil and regular watering. 

And WOW! What a color show!

The Indian Blanket went crazy in early spring and it is still going strong, then several varieties of sunflowers stole the show. There must be thousands of sunflowers! 

The trick to keeping these babies producing beautiful blooms is to pick flowers. I can handle that! I've nearly run out of things to do with wildflowers! Too many flowers is a pretty great problem!!!

One of my favorite things to do is to simply stuff a Mason jar full of blooms.  A Mason jar just seems like the appropriate vessel for wildflowers.

Here's a DIY video that we did for Southern Living Magazine making sunflower centerpieces.  Check it out.