Try a Gallery Wall

I put together this little gallery wall at the shop today to display some vintage paintings and these awesome crystal and gold chandelier sconces!  I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about gallery walls!!  If you are looking for a great new way to display your family photos, artwork and miscellaneous objects of your affection, or you want to make a huge statement with your small framed art, throw convention out the window and combine your favorite pieces for an eclectic mix and match to create a fabulous gallery wall.

Collect items that have a unifying color, texture or theme, or just go over the top with a mixing pot effect.  Select art, objects, mirrors, little shelves with treasures and anything else that you can get to hang on the wall.  

intentionally choose items that would never go together in real life, and if you have enough diversity, it will work in the most wonderful and crazy way!! 

Check out the video below where I got silly with different art styles from abstract, to vintage traditional florals and landscapes and even some scientific specimen butterflies.  

Here's a behind scene shot of the awesome crew making the gallery wall video!!

By the way, I collected most of the awesome art for this video from my friends at Jenifer's Antiques and America Jane Vintage!