Transition Window Box Flowers from Summer to Fall

You know that first late summer morning when you wake up early and you feel a little puff of fall in the air and it gives you just that little boost that you need to get through the last few sweltering summer days. And does any one else get dizzy the first time they see that pile of pumpkins in front of the grocery store! It's Fall Y'all! Time to pack away summer and start thinking about gourds, back yard campfires and a mug of something hot! My favorite way to help usher in Autumn is to to get my tired old summer flowers into full-on fall mode.

My summer window box sunflowers have had their glory. They served me well and the last few standing are hanging their heads in a crispy brown state of exhaustion. Its time to dress these boxes back up with the latest fall fashions. Thankfully my local nursery has been planning ahead for me. Right up there with the first chilly dip in the lake and the first snow day, that annual pilgrimage to pick out colorful cabbages, leafy lettuces, fall hardy flowers, gourds and pumpkins helps me turn the page to a new season. 

It just took a few minutes to pluck out the spent summer plants and transition this window box into a fabulous fall display that will last well into the winter. If you want to watch, check out this video that we did with Southern Living Magazine!