Succulent Wreath DIY

Check out this gorgeous living succulent wreath that will last all season long!

Most of the succulents that we used for this wreath were just bits and pieces trimmed from whole plants. The amazing guys at The Plant Outlet in Conway just ran around with me plucking off pieces here and there and filled up my box!! They had an old box of trimmings that we picked through. Some of the pieces had been lying in that box with no soil for months and they still looked fresh!! I have been trying way too hard to take care of succulents!!  

Pack a wire wreath form with soil and wrap it with moss to keep in the soil. Tie it up with fishing line to keep it all together and soak the whole thing in water till it is pretty sopping wet.

Stick the clippings into the soil and hold them in with floral pins. Then fill in all the empty spots with moss.

....annnd Display!  Take it down ever so often and give it a good drink and it should last all season long. If the plants start to get leggy, just trim them up and place the pretty pieces back in the wreath.

Here is the DIY video we did with Southern Living Magazine!