Storybook Homes Bohemian Beauty

Today, we threw open the doors to the latest Storybook Home.  Storybook Homes is the brainchild of my talented hammer and crowbar wielding friend Niki Thompson.  Niki takes worn out homes in Downtown Conway's historic district and revives them with her mix of art and whimsy.  The best part is that as the old carpet starts ripping and the boards start popping, each of these homes yields a story to Niki that she uses to help her imagine its new design.  She lets me tag along on these adventurous tales and when the homes are finished, I dress them up in WaterHouse Market goodies and we throw a big party and invite everyone in town!   If you are not familiar with Niki's projects, then take a look at her blog.  Or check out one of our earlier projects.  Our last project was featured by AY Magazine.  

This Storybook Home was a Bohemian Beauty with a mid-century modern, coffee shop, hip kind of vibe.   

That's Niki over there >> and that's that's Sarah Henry from Redeemed Home Goods over there <<.  Sarah brings her cool hand-painted art to the mix!  Check out her story!  She's an awesome gal! 

Speaking of art, I knew this hip hangout was screaming for a gallery wall of fun, eclectic art so I reached out to my pal Shane Westmoreland.  Shane is one of the best collectors of all things funky and he let me explore his warehouse for some great art!   

In most instances, when a friend tells me they are painting the kitchen lime green, I do my best to talk them down from the ledge, but I love to watch Niki roll, unrestricted by the status quo.

I have just been rockin' the succulents lately and they are prefect here!

We were spinning some vinyl too!!

Check out this aged galvanized countertop.  We used a cool copper plating technique that we concocted in the workshop with our kiddos and their science geek friends (Thanks Max).

We built a Moroccan style platform bed for the master bedroom and layered it up with camp blankets.

,,,and check out the pendant lights that we made from big wire cylinders.