Jhemajang Outdoor Furniture

Did you know that we are the proud makers of the Jhemajang Outdoor Furniture line created by Chris Olsen of Botanica GardensPlantopia.

Chris Olsen, the creator of the Jhemajang concept, describes it as: 

Jhemajang: ‘the mixing up and arranging of different elements, both garden and unrelated, old and new, in a funky way that brings the pieces together in a whole new light. It’s the art of mixing it up!

Sounds like FUN to us!!

It's always an exciting blast of fun colors in our workshop, and when we have a Jhemajang order,  It's all hands on deck!

You can read more about the Jhemajang furniture line here in At Home Arkansas

You can find the Jhemajang outdoor furniture line at Botanica Gardens & Plantopia!