How do Dogs Get Themselves so Deep Inside your Soul and Spirit?

I don't spend a lot of time dwelling in the past but a few recent "turn the page" events have got me reminiscing. I sat down to chronicle some of the great projects and happenings from 2017 and it is already clear to me that that is not going to be what this post is about.  A few days ago, we lost our little four-pound sidekick Ruby.

As I was scrolling through the "year in photos" on my iPhone Looking back through the events of 2017, Ruby was always there.  Whether we were in the workshop, shooting DIY videos with the camera crew or on a treasure hunting road trip, Ruby was always along. 

If you saw me in town at a restaurant or at the coffee shop, Ruby was most likely nestled down in my jacket, laying low and hoping that I will slip her a snack.

I have reservations about making a big deal out of this because I have friends who are dealing with real loss and I know that this does not compare, but I could never have imagined that a little pocket-sized dog could leave such an empty spot in our home and lives. 


But even though there is a void, I am overwhelmingly thankful for and celebrate our time together,  While we will miss her so, she filled our lives with joy and love for seven years (to the day).

She was more of a shoulder dog than a lap dog.  I think she liked the vantage point.  You really create a bond with a pup that spends this much time in your face!!

She thought she was a big dog and she wasn't above sneaking into all the coolest spots (like the Memphis Peabody) to get a good shot for her Instagram. 

She didn't mind a little funny business.

and she even starred in a few DIY videos for Southern Living Magazine...

She didn't always like to share with Ben.

...but she was learning to share with Pete.

heres's a sharing lesson...  but I'm not sure who is learning and who is teaching.

I already know, Don't even say it...

She was cute even when her "chihuahua" was showing!


Ruby,  You filled our lives and home with joy and love, more than we could ever imagine.  You were faithful and loyal.  Rest well little girl!